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Asian / Oriental escorts or European escorts?

When looking for a female companion, one might have a particular type which is normal. Some prefer blonde and petite while others prefer busty with a little more curves. These differences are easier to distinguish when you are in Europe and when these are the only options available to you. Yet when one is travelling to the Orient or to Asia, you might be curious to know what differences lie between European escorts and their Asian and Oriental counterparts. Sure they are all females and they have different physical looks and cultures yet, there are quite a number of traits which make them extremely irresistible to Europeans.

Here are some differences between Asian and Oriental escorts and Europeans;

  1. Quite and humble demeanor - There is one distinctive difference one immediately notices amongst ladies and escorts of Asian and Oriental descent. Their nature and personalities are more demure than their European counterparts and this boils down to upbringing and culture. In the Orient it is natural for a woman to kneel, bow and listen attentively to you as you speak, rarely talk back unless you engage her in conversation. They are quite down to earth and this strong yet quite personality is what many men find charming and irresistible.
  2. Eager to please - It is said that escorts in Asia and Oriental countries are more liberal and are happily willing to do whatever it takes to please you. They give you value for your money are aren't in a rush. They ensure that you are well treated, you can shower together, she can give you a massage and then you can get intimate but it's not only about the clock or about money, they want to make you happy and prolong your experience so that you are sure to visit again and again.
  3. More petite and flexible - The average Oriental woman is slightly shorter than the average European lady and their natural body size is quite small. They are also much younger looking and youthful too. This natural body type makes them extremely attractive to Europeans who may like and prefer their woman tiny and petite. They are also quite flexible and healthy, which makes them quite adventurous and kinky when it comes to intimacy and romance.
  4. Sexual oriented - The Asian and Oriental culture is not shy about ones sexuality or orientation and in most cultures, women are taught to value their bodies and be okay with their sexuality. Part of this culture teaches woman and men about their bodies, how to receive and give pleasure when they come of age. There are techniques which originated in Asian and the Orient and some of these techniques are still taught to date and are handed down from the older generation and this is why sexual acts in the orient are more exotic and they are more open minded especially when it comes to sexual exploration.


So when it comes to comparison between Asian and Oriental escorts, the advantages of being with either one are quite high and beneficial and one is sure to have a memorable, once in a lifetime experience with Asian or Oriental escorts.


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